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I've found both the book and English culture fascinating. I'm also keen on learning more about the Scottish, Welsh and Irish cultures as well, so I hope to pay a visit soon! Anyway, one of the most peculiar things I've found in the book is " 3" in tabloids and I've just learned it's an ongoing topic right now that The Sun features it again.

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Rotated it for you. EDIT: Wow that's a lot of comment karma

How old am I: l am not sixty yet
Nationality: I'm chinese
I love: I like emotional male
Body piercings: None

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What's happening on the feeds this evening? Any competitions or to talk about? Who is in power and who is in danger?

Have fun and respect each other! This is not the thread for personal attacks and insults.

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We're all here to chat about the houseguests and game. As this is Feed Discussion, please keep the conversation focused on the feeds.

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Limited general discussion is allowed but should not be the majority of you input! Meta commentary about fan groups, other platforms and other generalizing comments are best saved for other outlets and may be removed ex: 'Look what those twitter morons said now', 'Fans of zingbot just shouldn't post'.

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Before asking for an update, please read the thread for a few posts. Updates are frequently posted and you can get an idea of what is happening from the thread. Please at least try!

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Player: Logan Mailloux. Position: Defenseman. Birthday: Height: 6' 3".

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Hot Finland. United States.

Czech Republic. New Zealand.

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Puerto Rico. United Kingdom. Feed Discussion. Learn how to make people happy by filling their stomach with some awesome foodie-focused ebooks!

In which movie did the villain actually have a point? Top livestream.

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Meemit ja Huumori. Puolustusvoimien salainen ase.

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