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Stories of working with servers or B.

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As a 6 day a week server, I'd love to hear some stories for myself to relate to. People can be barbaric in restaurants. Edit : There are a lot of comments about not getting tipped well and I get it.

How old am I: I am 61
I know: I speak English and Romanian
Favourite drink: I like to drink lager

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Can you run me through what you actually do as a waiter and what you say etc. Someone very close to me is interviewing at a very nice restaurant.

Restaurant servers, what is your most annoying customer story?

They have far less than the typically required experience, but because they were "exceptionally kind" they are getting a chance. Can anyone offer any tips or anything that they might try to bring up that helps cover their lack of experience? Anything I could offer would be great. If anyone has any other recommendations of where to post this, please let me know that as well. I was a TEFL teacher but only got hired for the peak season, otherwise they prefer people who are actually teachers or studying to be teachers.

Otherwise I was a part-time waitress at a place for 2 years. During 's covid summer I only lasted a week at one place. There was very bad management with them trying new people day after day, and they got angry that I didn't know how to do some things while refusing to teach me.

It was so stressful and disorganized that I was throwing up out of anxiety and I basically fired myself. Now in there is an understaffing problem in catering, so I had no problem finding a job, and I'm currently spoilt for choice within catering. I mostly work at a 4-star hotel.

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When I first came in with a few new other peoplethe managers were so grateful and complimented us extensively. I think they had the expectation that the hotel would be on its feet and getting overwhelmingly good reviews in 3 weeks max.

Well that's not happening. As my hours increased so did the expectations and criticism of my managers.

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It was the case for all the employees, even management level, but especially for me. I was criticised for everything from being too slow to not looking welcoming enough to customers. With the mounting criticism my anxiety has increased. And when I'm so anxious I literally can't concentrate well.

My managers will tell me to do a thing or be explaining something to me and I literally wouldn't be concentrating because of anxiety.

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But I have to say that I agree with people when they say there is not culture of training in today's workforce. Some of my managers and especially the chefs told me that in relation to my mistakes, what I had to do was 'obvious'.

I also strongly suspect that until recently my managers thought I was a catering student like all the other trainees. But today was one of the worst days of my life.

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We had a very demanding 'Karen' type customer come in yesterday. My colleagues immediately could tell he was the demanding type. He had something negative to say about everything and treated my colleague like a Victorian servant.

For me personally, he demanded that the chef make an exception for him and make well-done fried eggs, then criticised the way I served him the eggs and asked how long I had worked in catering. Me and a colleague were talking about him in the back.

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The client heard us and said he was going to give me personally a bad review on TripAdvisor. I cried so hard. We had a meeting with the manager about the incident. I don't need to say that he was angry. But he criticised all the staff as well and my general performance. Some of the managers try to keep a positive facade, but occasionally they crack and reveal to us that the hotel has too many bad reviews. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Posted by 18 hours ago.

Have tips been shitty for everyone lately? Posted by 13 hours ago. I have a trial shift in 2 days and I have never done waiting before. What can I expect?

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View Comments. Posted by 21 hours ago. Posted by 1 day ago. Help Needed. Thank you! Can a restaurant in Florida charge you for things like pens, notebooks, aprons, ice for customers drinks etc.? Posted by 2 days ago. Is catering just not for me or is life just not for me?

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I'm 20 and I've only had 2 kinds of jobs. But it may still not be for me.

Servers of reddit, what is the worst table you have ever waited on?

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