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For anyone interested; I sometimes stream my flash making progress over at Picarto. I don't have a schedule for 'em, so they can be quite irregular, but I try to stream once a day from monday to friday.

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Your comment:. Remember me! Welcome to Rockcandy. Here you'll find various things I've made over the years! There's a focus on analsex around here, but there's some other stuff as well if ya look around a bit! Even stuff that isn't porn! If you're new and curious, please check out the About for more information.


Otherwise, go ahead and browse and leave a comment wherever you please. I try to update the site every Sunday night. Sometimes I'll post things at any time at Twitterso check that out. It'll also be updated if the site is down or there's a stream about to start!

Ya, that's right, we stream games sometimes. Not often, but it happens. We also now have a Discord server. Woah baby, now you can finally throw money at us at our Patreon!

Rock Candy on Patreon! Enjoy the butts! Skis, Dreams, Flashes and a New Look. Eyo, all! An update coming on time this time!

It was a pretty easy process, aside from me having to go in and adding some animation to a static piece of hair thorough the entire thing. I'll prolly show you a preview of her next update. Next up, I'm gonna go back to working on Sofi's part again; this time redoing the lipsync Kind of a waste to let all that old animation go to waste, but since we got completely new voice lines recorded, and the way the voice system was changed it's a necessary change.

This time, however, it's not all gonna be animated by hand, but by code.

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Even though, you gotta manually input the strings, so it'll still take a while to get through them all. There's a little more than different voice clips for Sofi, so it's definitely going to be faster than animating the lipsync all by hand, hoahoa.

It won't look as smooth, but hopefully it will give the flash a bit more variety in how it sounds and looks. We're gonna use the same system for the other parts eventually as well. I will stream some of this process, most likely, since Why not?

Enough about flash. I've got a drawing to share today. Dream RequestI dreamt somebody commissioned this; so I tried to replicate it from memory.

It's not an exact replica, but the jist of it is still there. I've got a two comic sketch laying in wait to be cleaned up as well, but I'm waiting to get some help writing the script and dialog for it Since I'm doing traditional art, it's important to be able to make space for all the text boxes before you start cleaning it up, hard to add 'em in post.

By the way, have you guys noticed how in 3D porn comics, the speechbubbles and text always seem to be made in MSPaint or something similarly basic and often being terribly placed, sized and made hard to read And also often full of spelling errors? I dunno, it's just something that I've noticed.

I guess it's not really relevant to anything, but I just started thinking about it and I'm tired and rambling. Let's just move on I have some more commissioned fan art by a fan! This time, based on an idea I've had for a while, but didn't get to making myself. But it's nice, nonetheless! This is what my original sketch looked like, for anyone interested. And lastly New ref sketch of Zu. I didn't want to do it, but I had to in the end. I'm looking for feedback on her still, so please let me know what you think.

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I've always had such a trouble getting her face look right when digitalizing her. I don't really have the same problem with the other characters' faces. But don't just focus on the face, take a good look on the entirety of her! Posted 19th of July - by There are no comments! Comment now!