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I didn't get into gaming until i was 20 DoB 27 but IMo i played games i considers masterpieces. IMO for me those 5 games are the pinnacle of rpg gaming what what ever rpg games should strive to be. I'm right there with you on most of them.

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See title! I don't know much about 13th Age. What are your opinions?

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I feel like I've missed dozens of great RPGs in the past and need to fix this! Oh yeah, definitely are great games. They are on steam as well. I picked it up during a sale for a few bucks.

What exactly is an rpg?

Star wars games are on sale on steam right now too! Now that I have it on my mind, how do you get past the underwater segment on Manaan? I just get eaten by the fish every time. The original Fallout is also very good. Not Fallout 2 good, but that's not really a fair comparison because Fallout 2 is the best. Slightly more recent:. I'm sure there are ones I missed.

What roleplaying games do you feel has the best 'roleplaying'

This should keep you busy for a while, though. I realize it's a lot of games, but many can't really be compared to one another apart from being RPG's. Currently playing Planescape, about 10 hours in - loving it so far. They're fairly dated, but they still rank among the best cRPGs. The first Witcher or any of them?

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If just the first and not the second I've been waiting to get into them because they're in my giant pile of shame, but I can't make up my mind about if I should bother with the first one, because I've gotten the impression that the second is amazing and the first one is a lot of bothersome work. I actually finished this game recently.

The story is quite awesome and very humorous.

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You spend so much time back tracking and waiting for cut-scenes to end with level transitions it gets VERY tedious. Even with fast forward it still takes a lot of time. Especially during the turn based combat, they have to play a long animation for their attacks and what not.

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I have a hard time investing myself in it as the story will never be finished. Posted by 6 years ago.

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Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Fallout 2.

Video game rpg news, reviews, discussions, and updates

The main draw defiantly has to be the writing. How is no one mention Morrowind? More posts from the patientgamers community. A gaming sub free from the news, hype and drama that surround current releases, catering instead to gamers who wait at least 12 months after release to play a game. Created Nov 11, Top posts may 5th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.

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