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Sakura cupid

Users rating Not yet rated 0 5 0. It's a digital key that allows you to download Sakura Cupid directly to PC from the official Platforms. To report a missing price, please send us an or use the chat.

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I was kind of mind blown to learn that Sakura Cupid is actually the 16th title in the Sakura series from the acclaimed studio, Winged Cloud. I had so much fun with this visual novel that I have been recommending it to pretty much anyone I know that enjoys a good lewd visual novel and that goes for you too.

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in Register. Lilim didn't have money to pay for her coffee, so decides to make Mitsuki to temporarely fall in love with her. Lilim decides to let her stay in her room for the night.

Meanwhile archangel Gabriel and fellow cupid Serra talk about Lilim abusing her powers for her own gain. Waking up to Mitsuki in a maid outfit she decided to wear. Mitsuki made breakfast, somehow that seems like it could kill Lilim.

Uh oh, Serra found Lilim, this could mean trouble. Did Lilim really use her love bullet on her fellow Cupid?

This is the start of more trouble. Mitsuki explaining the love bullet's effect already wore off during the night they spend together, and it were always her true feelings. After being scolded by Gabriel, Serra is alone with her thoughs, expressing she does indeed love Lilim too, looking jealous.

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After a second failed attempt to catch Lilim, she gives up, as she cannot return to heaven anymore, having to face trials herself due to not being able to catch her. Lilim decided they needed to have some fun and went to the local theme park together. One of the choices, the bottom choice only appears if you made the correct ones for the Harem ending.

Enjoying the ferris wheel together Harem ending. That night, Lilim noticed Serra was scared of the thunder, so she tried to comfort her.

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Gabriel doesn't seem amused abou the fact that Serra hasn't captured Lilim. So she goes to Earth to fix this problem herself. Mitsuki bound and kidnapped by Gabriel, ment as a distraction for Lilim so Gabriel can attack her. After a long fight between Gabriel, Lilim and Serra, Gabriel succumbs because of the omelette she ate from Mitsuki earlier.

The girls decide to stay on Earth and to share Lilim Harem ending.

Later that evening they decide to a public patch Mitsuki is making breakfast for Lilim, in her skimpy outfit Mitsuki ending, adult patch. And they made love, Lilim filling the shoes of a dominatrix Mitsuki ending, adult patch. Serra gets a teddybear Lilim won for her in the theme park Serra ending. Lilim decided she would head back with Serra to heaven and leave Mitsuki 1st Gabriel ending. Gabriel spanking Lilim as a punishment for what she did 1st Gabriel ending.

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When Lilim asks if this could get any worse, she gets the answer: yes 1st Gabriel ending, adult patch. Gabriel decided to make her her pet 2nd Gabriel ending, adult patch. Gabriel pleasures Lilim with her feet 2nd Gabriel ending, adult patch.