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Build your perfect girl! Thank you for making the time to take this survey!!! During the following questionnaire you'll be asked specific questions about your ideal 2D girls physical and personality traits along with an exploration of your sexual desires and fetishes.

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This post is not safe for work! Honey Select Unlimited is a game from the developer Illusion, who have made titles like VR-Kanojoa virtual reality game where you spend time with a virtual reality girlfriendand the infamous RapeLaywhere you stalk and rape a family of three. The full Honey Select Unlimited looks ambitious, including dozens of costumes, scenarios and sex positions in the full game, as well as VR support. Someone even made Knuckles.

What is my age: 31
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius
My favourite drink: My favourite drink absinthe

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And that has nothing to do with it being Tuesday.

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Aya, meanwhile, has numerous things to practice. And who knows what that mysterious little fox girl is up to? Dust off your membership card and come on in, and be aware that there are NSFW images and themes ahead!

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Find out more and leave a suggestion here! Last year, there was one game more than any other that consistently brought people to MoeGamer; I was seemingly one of the few people on the Internet who had actually written anything about it.

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I chose to celebrate this game with The Traffic Magnet award. Which is already pretty full.

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Or my computer catches fire, whichever one comes first. You may recall that a short while back I decided to see exactly how many honeys Honey Select Unlimited could handle on screen at once.

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Thus far I do not appear to have reached any sort of upper limit, though the frame rate my Honey Unlimited Studio application is running at has taken something of a nose-dive. Still, so long as I can keep squeezing honeys into a scene, I will keep doing so!

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This is a bit of a shame, really, since although the most immediately obvious appeal factor of them is the fact that they are interactive pornography and many of the most modern ones have virtual reality heet supportfor many, the most enjoyable aspect of these games is a creative one: the fact you can use a detailed set of tools to de a character of your choosing.

Those who are interested in such things will doubtless be delighted to hear that renowned hentai publisher and localiser Fakku has picked up Honey Select Unlimited for official Western release.

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And the winner is… somewhat NSFW, so consider this before continuing!