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Sex for iphone

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Here are five great sex and dating apps that are either new or newly updated.

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Yes, in this article, we will reveal 5 ways in which to have sex with your iPhone. Pretty interesting. Who was it, NPR that wrote a fake headline about Americans reading less than ever before was virally forwarded without most people reading it. Maybe the same will happen with this article. This post is a bit of linkbait, plus a bit of something else.

No, we see a cool, interesting, funny, stupid headline then tweet it, Facebook it, Pinterest it, etc. Why do we even pass it on at all?

15 outrageous iphone sex apps that made it into the app store

Are we trying to show how cool and plugged in we are with our friends? Are we trying to show how cutting edge we are — how funny we are — how ironic we are?

This constant flow of crap we gladly pass around — how does this improve the human condition? How does this make life better? Sure we might get a laugh or two, a productivity tip here and there which we might use once or twice and then discardbut really, what have we actually learned??

Why does this headline work?

How have we grown as people, or how have we if you are so inclined improved the world? We consume and then we share something so that others can consume it, most of the time not even adding our own two cents.

Sometimes we even just consume the headline and send the rest on. How does sharing crap benefit anyone?

5 ways to have sex with your apple iphone

Stop consuming and start creating. What have you built lately?

What have you written lately? Why are you consuming this and not creating something of value instead. Stop wasting your life and your time on crap.

Ok, rant over. I mean are we really so time-crunched that we have to bullet point everything into some photo-heavy list of stuff with hardly any content.


How does a ed list of items help you? On sex, no explanation needed.

Humans, typically, love it and will read about it at every opportunity. On the Apple product: the only thing I can think of is the slavish attraction Apple fans have to anything Apple. But for some reason, people love to read about Apple, Apple products, Apple anything.

Erotic dirty adult couple game

But did you really learn anything? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Gmail. Like This Post? 11, professionals.

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