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Slavemaker revised 15.8

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A 4Shared site is maintained for all other files is maintained by the MasterBloodfer user windsongbard and usually has the latest update versions. Basic Pack This is the core game and is a playable version of the game, with a few slaves, assistants and minor slaves.

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Moderator: Game Hunters. Post by Scythe » Sun Nov 08, Post by Scythe » Tue Nov 10, Post by Chroelle » Tue Nov 10, Post by Comisar » Sat Nov 14, Post by Scythe » Sun Nov 15, Post by Zyx » Sun Nov 15, Post by Scythe » Wed Nov 25, Post by Scythe » Sun Feb 14, Post by Chroelle » Slavemaker revised 15.8 Feb 15, Post by Scythe » Tue Feb 16, Post by Chroelle » Wed Jul 21, Post by Pater Alf » Wed Jul 21, Post by Pater Alf » Thu Jul 22, Post by Chroelle » Fri Jul 23, Post by Scythe » Mon Nov 07, Post by Pater Alf » Mon Nov 07, Slave Maker Revised This is where you can discuss the freeware games that are on our site or that should be.

Post Reply. Quote Post by Scythe » Sun Nov 08, The amount of hints in game and in the text file is pretty much as the developer wants it right now which is not to say that it won't be expanded eventually.

Slavemaker review

But you can the "official" forum, though getting in can be a hassle. Exact steps for getting various paths and endings are detailed there.

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Other than that, the wiki might eventually be updated by somebody with time on their hands. Long Live the Queen! Hopefully this will be the last bug fix. The next major update is not expected until Contact Chroelle.

Slave maker v [completed]

I have dwonloaded the version so I could get an idea of how much has changed since I played it the first time around. Currently testing Life version 2. Naked people have little or no influence on society. Quote Post by Chroelle » Tue Nov 10, I am thinking that might be a good idea - and fair to the game, as it has improved a great deal.

I can't find Lianis There is no Lianis only the usual acolite stuff.

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I know i have not met her because i traiend Rei twice. Second problem is date resets for no apparent reason. Quote Post by Scythe » Sun Nov 15, I see you made it to the official forum, I trust you'll get the answers there.

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Contact Zyx. ICQ Website. Quote Post by Zyx » Sun Nov 15, Scythe wrote: I see you made it to the official forum, I trust you'll get the answers there. Do you has what it takes to the Homestarmy? The guts?

The determination? The five bucks?

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today! Quote Post by Scythe » Wed Nov 25, A critical bug fix for Riesz as well as mostly cosmetic updates for Riesz and Shampoo have been released.

More sites similar to slavemaker

Find in first post. Quote Post by Scythe » Tue Feb 16, I'm not sure if the mechanics have been changed enough to actually call it a new game. But hopefully it will be the most complete version yet. I'll know more after the beta. That also means that we should host the patches from now on instead of downloading the new version and then unzipping, zipping again and all.

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It took me about 3 hours all in all - limited downlo at downloadplaces, and zipping "best" took more than an hour etc I think Scythe mentioned that it is quite different from "Slave Maker Revised. Will look at it and in case that it is very different we should decide if we the older version.

I think we even have an own thread for "Slave Maker 3".

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Rather a dangerous psychopath. Couldn't find another thread for Slave Maker 3. Then we just need to validate the new version.

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Which might go quick as I played that as well, and as I hear then so did you. That is 2 votes right there.

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We still have version 3. I tried the last one and as there were several bugs missing pictures, problems when you want to do a conversation with your slaves, etc.

So I thought we should keep the old one which I liked much better. Also the latest version was bigger than 1 GB and I there would be too much traffic.

passion floozy Kallie

But there might be a solution for that in the near future the discussion in the GH forum if you like. How big is the latest version and what's new?