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Solution overlord

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She was created by Solution overlord. Solution is a blonde beauty with spiral curls and blue eyes, and clothing that emphasizes her sex appeal. The top of her maid uniform is deed to open easily, so Solution can absorb victims into her body. As she is of the slime race, Solution can change her appearance as she wishes. Solution thinks of humans as food and toys. She loves to swallow humans alive and enjoys the suffering and the struggling of her victims. Solution tends lure to lustful men who are after her body in with a literal boobytrap by exposing her chest to them, tricking them into touching her so that she can then absorb them thereafter.

She does not mind the screams of humans during their last moments before consuming her victims with her body. She is, along with Narberal Gammaone of the two solution overlord dangerous" Pleiades. She is also good at disguising her nature, acting like ish and rude lady when she is out getting information with Sebas. It seems that her true nature is quite logical, which is suggested by her complaint about the inefficient behaviors of Sebas or Entoma.

She is willing to meet and face her superior and someone a lot stronger than her with force if she feels that their actions disregard Nazarick's benefits or bring danger to Nazarick. She is able to independently make decisions on her own when needed and even betray her superior if she feels that they are obstructing Nazarick's plans.

Solution Epsilon was created by Herohero to be one of the battle maids, the Pleiades. They served as a last line of defense against intruders.

However, because she is unlikely to be able to stand against enemy players who managed to come this far, her only real purpose was to distract the invaders until the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown were able to fully prepare for their final stand in the throne room.

Solution, along with her sisters, were ordered by Momonga to guard the 9th Floor. She and the other Pleiades were on standby in wait for Momonga. Solution disguises herself as a spoiled rich mistress solution overlord the Baharuth Empire while Sebas Tian acts as her butler who follows her every command, despite being her superior in reality. In the Shining Golden Pavilion, Solution intentionally makes loud complaints about the food, giving everyone a bad impression of her.

She rudely tells Sebas to ready the carriage and departs immediately.

Overlord - solution sticker

In private, she apologizes to Sebas for her actions while talking about Zach acting according to their plan, silently spying on him. Solution tells Sebas that she wants that human for herself and Sebas replies that she will have to ask permission from Shalltear to have her request accepted. As the carriage goes on its way, she asks for Shalltear's permission to devour Zach, which she receives, much to her delight. When the bandits targeting them have been lured out, they are slaughtered by Shalltear and her Vampire Brides as Solution devours Zach.

Solution has a brief discussion with Shalltear about how she is solution overlord to take care of Zach inside her as a Predator Slime. She makes a promise with Shalltear, who suggests that they can have fun together once again whenever Nazarick receives intruders, which the two agree to share between themselves.

She and Sebas split off from Shalltear and continue on their way to the Royal Capital. Solution participates in the monthly Pleiades report and tea party along with her sisters.

Solution epsilon

She reports about her work with Sebas in the Kingdom. She informs her sisters about the job progressing smoothly. When Narberal reports her work with Ainz, Solution and the others get jealous of Naberal's solution overlord with Ainz. Solution states that she likes the meat of young girls and that she likes the sensation of eating humans alive. She asks Yuri if they can request Ainz to let them have one of the humans that are being interrogated while they're still alive.

Solution greets Sebas but notices that he has brought a human with him and tells him that a human may jeopardize their mission.

Despite this, she is ordered to heal the human and not report this incident to Ainz. After some time, a group of guards led by Staffan Heivish and Succulent appears at their temporary residence, accusing them of involving themselves with slave trafficking and for having bought Tuare as a slave. They then demand that they pay a heavy fine and turn over Tuare to their custody. Once they leave, Solution asks Sebas to dispose of the human before she causes more trouble for their mission. When Sebas leaves, Solution decides to contact Ainz and inform him that Sebas may have gone rogue.

She welcomes Sebas back and informs him of their master, Ainz Ooal Gown, waiting solution overlord him. After Sebas kills four members of the Six Armsshe proceeds to kidnap the audience. She plays the part along with the other battle maids, excluding Narberal, of acting as Jaldabaoth's underlings with her face disguised with a mask. They fight against Nabe and continue to do so until Jaldabaoth orders a retreat.

When Ainz holds a grand court in the Throne Room, he speaks to each of his personal level servants, asking what they want as a reward for solution overlord efforts. Solution requests to be given humans, particularly virgins, for her to devour.

Ainz partially grants her request, giving her the captured Eight Fingers ' agents, but refuses to give her any virgins. They have been sent to see if the Nazarick Old Guarders are able to capture enemies trying to escape from the tomb.

Daily life of solution

To her and the other Pleiades' surprise, Dragon Hunt decides to stay and fight. She and her sisters try to cheer for the Dragon Hunt workersbut they are easily slaughtered by the Nazarick Old Guarders. Sometime after the annexation of E-RantelSolution kidnaps Miyoshi out of jealousy for his duty in washing Ainz's body.

When questioned directly by Ainz, she remains silent on Miyoshi's whereabouts, forcing Ainz to ask Yuri Alpha to compel the answer from her. She reveals her actions after being pressured by Yuri, claiming she wants to wash Ainz's body. Expecting to be punished, Ainz calmly explains such duties are beneath her station as a daughter of Herohero.

After solution overlord to Ainz, Solution extracts Miyoshi from herself. Ainz orders her to return the slime back to where she found him after he is washed. Momonga finding the dungeon in ruins due to the strange Cracks and overrun by Chaos Beasts quickly revived her and the Pleiades with magic.

Unfortunately the maid suffered a severe abnormal drop in levels since her revival as did the other NPCs that were brought back to life. When the protagonist appeared before Momonga who was suspicious on the identity of the homunculus, Solution can be one maids that vouches on his identity as being a creation of Herohero. To rebuild Nazarick, more information was needed to determine the new phenomena that was now affecting the dungeon.

Overlord - solution essential t-shirt

Thus Momonga had the maids train to prepare for a survey of the Solution overlord. When they were deemed ready Solution and her sisters investigated the Cracks, fighting the Chaos Beasts to learn its secrets. Solution with the rest of her sisters greeted Narberal Gamma upon her return from the outside world.

It gained some attention from Sebas Tian and Momonga who intervene to correct some misconceptions and focus their training on hospitality. While repairing the baths on the 9th Floor, Solution learned from Yuri of the existence of Miyoshi the personal bathing attendant of Momonga.

Jealous of the slime's position the maid kidnapped Miyoshi, hiding him in her body believing that if he were to disappear the role of cleaning Momonga who fall to her. The of her kidnapping were not as planned, as the disappearance of Miyoshi led Momonga and others that an intruder was in Nazarick.

It caused a lockdown of the tomb and a wide search which caused Solution to be in horror at the wild goose chase she caused. The maid tried to hide her involvement in the kidnapping but as things began to spiral more out of control, Solution caved in and confessed to the Floor Guardians and Momonga. Though she confessed to the crime she refused to divulged the reason so Yuri was brought to compel her and release Miyoshi. After she divulged the reason, Momonga rather than be angry at her deception was curious that she was able to do such a thing and was curious at the limits of how far she would go.

In the end Momonga apologized if he made her feel inificant for not asking her to be his bathing attendant, and explained that he could not ask her as she was the daughter of his friend Herohero and thus would be improper.

She appeared weeks before the protagonist and Slimeko arrived at the city. As Solution overlord she was a abrasive new copper rank adventurer annoyed by her low standing.

Upon seeing the protagonist given the opportunity to be promoted based on his skills she demanded the same treatment to advance at the guild. After the protagonist and her prove their worth and are given the opportunity to be bumped up on the adventurer ranking, the protagonist instead declines wanting to earn it the fair way.

His decision is followed in suit by Soi who invites herself on his team. Once the solution overlord were alone, Soi dropped the act and greeted them properly explaining her mission was to meet up with them and casually them as an adventurer without associating Nazarick. She also brings them up to speed that another agent, Sebas Tian has also infiltrated the city.

That being said the trio then go out to make a name for themselves as adventurers. One of the first jobs they received is by referral of Saint Clementine to assist Sophie Noia to collect samples of the Sanitary Slimes in the sewers of the city.