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Teen titans tower

It is located on an island in the Jump City bay. Each Titan has his or her own room.

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Titans Tower is the headquarters and home of the Teen Titans. It is located on a small island near the mainland of Jump City. This is where the Titans standby for missions and to relax when there is little to no criminal activity. When the Teen Titans first saved Jump City from destruction, the citizens were very thankful.

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The city council made a deal with the Titans: They would pay for the construction of a base for the Titans in exchange for their protection over the city from villains, monsters, aliens, etc. The city council also pays for rent, utilities and repair, allowing the Titans to focus on saving the city. Titans Tower is shaped like a capital T likely based off of the "Titans" part of their team name and made mostly of glass. It is located on a small island off the coast of Jump City. The Titans Tower is far different from the one in the original show.

Instead of a bar or kitchen area, the kitchen is closed off.

The halls are narrow and instead of a super computer with monitors, their computer is a console that can be hidden in the floor and activated and controlled via touch screen. Instead of spotlights, suspended fixtures provide illumination. Framed pictures of the Titans and their missions hang on the walls throughout the tower. Bright colored stickers are plastered in every room, consisting mostly of the symbols of various other DC heroes and villains. The Titans' personal belongings are found scattered on the floor.

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While the Titans Tower in the original series was built upon a shallow island surrounded by rocks, the current T-tower rests on a tall island cliff with fresh grass. The outdoors have a yard, fenced in with patio, table with chairs and umbrella, along with a hot tub, a barbecue pit and even a balcony to look at the view.

At the bottom of the property there is a swimming pool and golf course. The T-tower has a huge arsenal of weapons and even has the power to control satellites in outer space.

In " Caged Tiger ", it is seen that the Tower has at least eighty-three floors, not including the Bizzaro level an alternate dimension. Outside the tower's island grounds, there're also various features, such as the entrance, the swimming pool and the golf court. This is where the Titans typically hangout together. It has a big pink couch that can seat all the Titans, a large flat-screen TV that gets broken quite oftena shelving unit housing various consoles and CD collections with a pot of cactus on top, access to the elevator, and is where the big control panel is located which can be raised from the ground.

At both sides of the wall, there are intercoms hooked up to the control center.

Tower lockdown

The Titans also have a Catwoman clock in this room. There is an overflowing trashcan and a few more appliances: toaster, blender, dish rack, paper towel dispenser and toaster oven. The majority of posters on the walls feature pizza, and a framed picture of Cyborg and Beast Boy is seen hanging over the sink.

The kitchen door's displays a spoon and fork.

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Goes up the entire Tower, all the way to the room the elevator is average sized but can fit all five Titans. In Caged Tiger, the elevator interior was redeed with colored sticky notes covering the walls, except for the back wall. Each sticky note has a picture of a hero or a villain on it. The Titans have a pretty standard bathroom apart from being able to talk seen in " Serious Business "with a sink, one large, rounded mirror, a vanity counter, a toilet, a bath, and a shower.

Titans tower

It is a unisex bathroom since both male and female Titans use them. Lavender hand towels are hung beside the walls surrounding the bathtub, which is a built-in shower with a blue curtain.

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Next to the tub is a hook which always available for the Titans to hang their clothing. Rooms where each Titan owns individually to sleep and to store their personal belongings. Each of the Titans' rooms is marked on the door with either their face or a symbol. You can check out this for more details.

Teen titans

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History Talk 0. Tower exterior at Halloween in " Witches Brew ". Temporarily renovated exterior in " Tower Renovation ". Titans bee hive in " Royal Jelly ".

The living room in " Thanksgiving ". The temporarily renovated living room " Tower Renovation ".

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Temporarily renovated kitchen and dining room in " Tower Renovation ". Beast Boy's funeral in the morgue, as shown in " Ghost Boy ". Cyborg, Beast Boy, and the girls in the meeting room.

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