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The spellbook f95

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First Prev of Go to. Claudio83 Well-Known Member.

Sep 22, 1, 1, Reactions: AlexTorch. AlexTorch Well-Known Member.

The spellbook [v] [naughtygames]

Jun 22, 1, 1, I like the love path of this game, but is a damn shame that the game have so much branches and we cannot see all unless you have 10 savesi wish the love path could be "hey, do this, and also you can do too this if you want, or skip content" also every time that i see an update i love to see the first photo of the pool.

Gagge89 Member. Apr 24, Reactions: KiraJamespingwin and Theboss Valronn Active Member. Apr 13, Are the animations working yet for mobile versions? Past 5 or 6 updates the animations show black screen. Love this game that mother is a proper naughty milf. SomeOldFart Active Member. Nov 18, 1, Who the fuck thought it was a good idea for Kelly to now look like she wants to ask for the hair salon manager!?!? Reactions: Tiasung the spellbook f95, neenerpantsKadaro and 3 others.

Oct 2, 1, Compressed Update from v0. Extract files overwrite old ones in folder with The Spellbook.


Compressed v0. JoleenStar Active Member. Sep 29, Animation is stuck in a loop. Another note; You could take out the big sister and I wouldn't miss her at all. She is so forgettable.

Reactions: KadaroCoar73 and fbass. Endless To obtain my infinite dream i shall even sink God Donor. May 9, 6, I've stopped playing this game for quite some time due to mainly the terrible save system.

Its terrible for multiple save paths. Maybe i'll have to wait for the game to be complete or something so i can play this game properly with multiple saves.

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I really do hope dev does eventually change it so i can enjoy this game properly. Darvedaiven Newbie. May 14, 31 When is the Android update coming? StarCreator Member.

Us on newly launched discord

Oct 2, JoleenStar said:. Reactions: cri. Game Compressor. Apr 3, 4, Reactions: 9inchz. Sep 25, 7, 7, Jacky Bruce said:. Does anyone got this crashing problem whenever i used to save some frequent scenes in the game. Unity player games always crashing for me.

This is memory caching problem, try to not load and save more than 2 in one gaming session. Valronn said:. Reactions: Jacky Bruce. Its the only game i get a black screen on plusits a galaxy s9 so not very old, will try on new s20 in a few days and fingers crossed. Jacky Bruce Member. Aug 12, Can you guys post your output. It is your phone that can't handle the video files. Video files use VP8 codecs and webm container. Standard format for mobile phones.

Vickbick Newbie. May 23, 26 4. Reactions: najm. GregIsLove Newbie. Apr 19, 36 Gagge89 said:.

Reactions: Gagge RzRiley Newbie. Jun 2, 61 5.

When can I start Dark route? Jan 5, What's the size of data for Android?

Oct 9, RzRiley said:. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now.