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Total drama sex

Drama Island Heather sucks off Trent Latino 3 min.

foxy females Yaretzi

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Well Ella, Katie and Sadie can't be gay since they all showed attraction to a guy in canon.

Pretty sure he never really had a crush on Gwen he just wanted a girlfriend for status and thought Gwen's "anti-queen bee" attitude made her the coolest girl in the Island, hence why he was trying to chase after her. Lightning isn't bi, he's self-sexual i dont know the word for that Scott and Shawn both had girlfriends, so I don't think they'd be ace. Those relationships can be purely romantic.

Total drama island

Why do people assume Gwen is bisexual? She hasn't shown interest in girls.

And how are Blaineley, Katie, and Sadie gay? They showed interest in Justin. Where has Alejandro, Dave, and Tyler shown interest in men? Gwen just radiates bi energy especially in her fashion and probably listens to Girl in Red. People assume Gwen is bisexual because she is the living embodiment of bisexual stereotypes. And if we used the blaineley Katie and Sadie logic on the dudes Tyler has to be bisexual because he showed interest in Justin too.

Same with literally all the guys. Come on, Lighting is so gay, the only person he would find attractive is sha-himself!

Competing in challenge. Characters sexuality according to headcanon.

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Same with cody bc he liked gwen. Cody would be gay so Sierra would leave him alone.

I like Katie and Sadie. How is Cody gay?

The entire show he was trying to date Gwen. Continue this thread.

Screaming Gophers. I think Courtney is Bi and Izzy Pan. Team Amazon. Codiosexual, you summed up Sierra perfectly!

Sierra turned cody gay tho ngl. More posts from the Totaldrama community. Created May 29, Top posts june 1st Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top.