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Trials in tainted space futa

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The Naleen Hermaphrodite is a generic counterpart to the Naleen Huntress and the Naleen Male enemy, and unlike the female but similar to the male, she is not a consistent character.

Naleen futa

She fights much like her counterparts, using his claws and coils against an opponent, but is tougher and has several additional abilities. The upper half of the svelte kitty-snake is much the same as any other naleen huntress: an attractively feminine torso with a single, powerful tail on which she moves where legs would otherwise be found. Slender shoulders bear a few vials filled with colorful liquids and lithe arms expertly wield a primitive stone-tipped spear, the ominously sharpened head pointed directly at you.

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Black hair flows freely over her spry human-half, gently mingling with her equally dark fur all the way down to her plump, hand-filling butt. A vine rope is wrapped around her body, the bulk of the line threaded between her E-cup breasts. You can't avoid the distraction of two pre-seed dribbling cocktips peeking out from beneath her loincloth, throbbing in tune with her adrenaline-quickened heart.


Quite unlike other huntresses, this naleen woman is also packing far more than even the males of her race. In the past, the Naleen was a female who had an encounter with an offworlder.

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During the encounter, she was forcibly injected with a vial of Throbb by the spacer and used as a plaything. This resulted in her growing a pair of dicks and causing her libido to spike, both of which greatly surpass even the average Naleen standards. As such the Naleen Futa is often avoided by the inhabitants of Mhen'ga as such she has to get creative to find things for her to fuck as well as becoming much more aggressive toward offworlders.

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Captain Steele will potentially hear the sound of the Futa masturbating. If they choose to Investigatethey will find the futa.


They may either Approach or Slink Away. Approaching initiates combat. The naleen Hermaphrodite attacks with her spear primarily, though they have a highly effective grapple attack as well, using their coils to constrict an opponent. The constrict attack is devastating against lower-level characters, especially those with low Physique scores. Additionally they have a special counter ability similar to Kane 's. She wields a spear.

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Naleen Hermaphrodite's Bust, by Adjatha.