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Trials in tainted space queen

The Queen of the Deep is a one-time encounter, found in the Deep Caves on Myrellion bottom left corner of the map. The creature before you is a monstrous amalgam of bestial features: stalk-like legs with too many ts, writhing masses of envenomed tentacles, and a pair of huge claws all grow from a dark red body covered in carapace as thick as a tank's armor.

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Queen Taivra rules over the nyrean village Captain Steele finds in the Deep Caves on Myrellionlead there by the ongoing search for Victor Steele 's probes. Taivra is an apex huntress, the most powerful warrior her species has produced at least, in the Gildrenmere-Kressia regionand has used her legendary martial prowess to force dozens of huntresses and hundreds of males to submit to her and become part of her harem.

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jan 20, 5. This is probably an incredibly silly request and it makes absolutely zero difference to the game but I was on my bimbo character and she was too stupid to be able to talk the Queen out of fighting.

So after beating her it gave me the option to sex her, kill her or slave her or leave.

Queen taivra and her probe-y throne

I chose leave cause I'm playing a kind character. When reading the text my Steele told her to bring the probe her throne some place so that the company can retrieve it.

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I was wondering, is there a possibility of getting an option to leave the probe at all? I already got her spear, I don't need the probe. I even gave the last one to Sheeka. Also, it doesn't seem like you get any money for retrieving the Queen's probe throne.

Not sure if that's a bug, if someone forgot about that, or if it just hasn't been implemented yet. Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, Fully Automated Well-Known Member. Oct 11, 0. If you marry her sans fightingthe probe gets to stay.

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You do get a nice 20k credits for it, though, the next time you visit your ship. Yeah, I'm dumb. You get the money after you get back to your ship. But my thing is that my character is too stupid to be able to go the peaceful route, so I wanted an option after the fight to leave the probe. Etis Well-Known Member Creator. Aug 26, 2, The winner takes it all! It is YOUR throne now, after all.

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But my thing is that my character is too stupid to be able to go the peaceful route. Click to expand Etis said:. Fully Automated said:. The peaceful route does not have any Int requirements. It's whether you're Nice or not.

Queen taivra

Mischievous can get the peaceful resolution by saying you're just there for the probe. Asshats will have to fight.

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Darkfirephoenix Well-Known Member. Oct 19, 2. I'm not sure if you mean that in the "spoils of war" sense or the "you're the new ruler" sense, but it's definitely not the case for the latter since you can't even go back into the castle after the fight. And if it's the former, then yes, it's you're throne, you should have the option of leaving it.

But I guess then you'd never find out that thing about Shade Darkfirephoenix said:. I think you can't go back either way atm.

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Also going the peacefull way has the same as fighting and then overtaking save for a permabuff that makes combat-encounters with her race less likely. I chose 'nice' at character creation. I always choose either 'nice' or 'mischievous'. If she says she doesn't believe you come in peace, that's because your character is not Nice. The personality scores are dynamic, check your Codex to see where you actually stand.

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Now just need to know if there's a way to get the option to leave the probe. There is: marry her.

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Seriously though, who cares. It doesn't take Taivra a day to get a new throne, presumably something engineered more for comfort and less for surviving atmospheric re-entry. Since there already is a route in which you do not take the probe, it should follow that there's no plot-critical reason why the PC couldn't leave the probe after all, the Shade thing also doesn't happen if you do Taivra's Palace before KaraQuest 1.

So it could happen. It won't, though.

Savin Master Analmander Staff member. Aug 26, 5, 7, Was just wondering if it could happen.

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