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She had such great hopes about him when he took her out on dates. Also, there was the fact that you introduced him to your mom, saying a lot of good stuff about him. All in one, it seemed to your mom that she met prince charming.

Years old: 30
Sexual preference: I prefer guy
My favourite drink: Gin
I have tattoo: None

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My dad and I driving my mom to my black bully's house so we can watch and jerk our lil dicks to my bully, his dad, uncles and brothers gangbanging her.

Everyone always losses to her on purpose everytime she wins she jumps up and down like a school girl. Your car broke down and mom had to convince a random stranger to give a you 20 mile free ride, he agreed, but only for your mom, you had to take the longest walk of your life.

Your mom and aunt get real slutty when there drunk. Also the reason your bully invites them to the pool party. Love these posts?

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The Dominican republic was never that much of a popular topic in your new American school. No one had ever really even heard of it.

That is, until your ample bottomed mother showed up one day to talk to one of your teachers. Now all of your horny classmates ask you if the country is filled with women that resemble her.

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We've accepted the cuck life, you should too. Becky Crocker.

What Mommy wears to work. I know you want this, little beta cuck.

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