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Vampire games for adults

It seems like a perfect match. Video games are about escapism and fun are they not? Vampires are supernatural beings with a laundry list of fantastic abilities and a need for feeding on the living, which would presumably give numerous options for a plot.

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Need ideas to throw a vampire party theme? The allure of the vampire has always been great throughout time; something about being eternally beautiful, dangerous, and immortal always intrigued us mere humans. Today hit books, shows, and movies featuring these dark and mysterious creatures have become a cultural obsession. Whether you are a fan of:. Pick out the one's that suit your party style and have a bloody ball!

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This is an incomplete list of video games which strongly feature vampires. This includes games where the player character is a vampire, or where a vampire is the primary antagonistas well as games which feature vampires as the primary enemy variant. Archived from the original on Retrieved Weems and the She Vampires".

Newsfield Publications Ltd 41 : June Micro Adventurer. Sunshine Books 14 : 17, EMAP 61 : 78, Anime News Network. Moby Games. Retrieved 29 September Retro Gamer.

Imagine Publishing 70 : 90, Cinema Blend. Retrieved June 20, Retrieved May 22, Newsfield Publications Ltd 1 : 92, February Lists of video games by theme.

Ninjas Vampires Zombies. Horror Theme parks Time travel. Video games by theme. : Video games about vampires Video game lists by theme. Hidden : All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from March Articles with permanently dead external links Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Another story of Bloodlust, this time told through the eyes of Ravenblood; part Ghost His journey in search of lost strength and revenge will take you through the dark tombs and dungeons of the Vampirem. WindowsXbox A stealth action RPG that follows Eric Bane, a newly turned vampire suffering from amnesia, who must recover his memories by drinking the blood of ancient vampires.

The Adventures of Shuggy. A platform and puzzle game where players guide the diminutive titular vampire around an inherited mansion in order to remove unwanted guests.

Released on Xbox Live Arcade. The Astonishing Adventures of Mr. Weems and the She Vampires. The titular character has entered the mansion of the Great She Vampire and must defeat her before he is drained of blood.

Likened to Gauntlet. Game Boy ColorPlayStation. Third-person action game based on the film which was developed from the comic book character. Science fiction adventure and role-playing game set in Manhattan during the year Vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing is now the leader of a plague of ' cyberpunk vampires', the game's playable character Ransom Stark must stop Van Helsing from taking over the city. BloodRayne series. Third-person action games with emphasis on combat, the titular character is a dhampir who destroys vampires and other supernatural beings.

Bram Stoker's Dracula. Buffy series. Games based on the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The series focuses on a war between the Belmont family and Dracula. Dracula is resurrected every hundred years, the Belmonts must defeat him before he unleashes his wrath on the world. Text adventurethe player has been sent to defeat Count Dracula by the local villagers.

Survival horrora policeman acting as security during the opening of a horror-themed casino is faced with numerous vampires when the building's fire sprinkler system is activated and sprays black water over everyone present, transforming them. Crescendo of the Blood Moon.

PlayStation 4Windows. Action role-playing game inspired by Castlevania and part of Rec Room. A group of up to 3 vampire hunters fight their way towards and through Dracula's castle until they face Dracula himself in the final boss battle.

The game has a strong metafictional character in that the setting resembles a school performance of a play in which the players take part as actors. Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse. A vampire named Anna has a year to defeat the army of the Shadow Lord before facing him in combat, the title's gameplay has been compared to Gauntlet and Diablo.

PlayStation 2Xbox. First-person shooter in a Wild West setting. A newly turned vampire must hunt down the one responsible for the transformation before he loses the last vestiges of humanity. Text adventure based on the novel written by Bram Stoker. Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary. PlayStationWindows.

List of vampire video games

Graphic adventure and sequel to Dracula: Resurrection. Jonathan Harker continues to pursue Dracula and tries to save his wife Mina. Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon. Graphic adventure, a priest named Father Arno Moriani travels to Transylvania to research a candidate for sainthoodeventually resulting in a fight with Count Dracula.

Graphic adventure starring Abraham Van Helsing, who must prevent Count Dracula from finding a manuscript that will allow him to bring the woman he loved back from the dead. Dracula: Resurrection. Graphic adventure set seven years after the events of Dracula. Jonathan Harker returns home to find his wife Mina gone and a note left stating that she has returned to Transylvania.

Interactive movie. Alexander Morris, brother of Quincey Morristravels to London to discover what happened to Quincey and his companions when they defeated Dracula. Japanese erotic visual novela male student who has newly transferred to a remote island school discovers that one of the female students is a vampire. From Dusk Till Dawn. First-person shooter set after the events of vampire games for adults film. A vampire slayer must battle fellow prisoners who have become undead aboard a prison ship.

Ghost House. Platform game, a young boy enters the ghost house in order to defeat vampires after releasing them from their coffins. Windows 95, Macintosh System 7. Quest game, 1st person perspective; The vampire clans are gathering. The player, a newly created vampire, must find the Scrolls of The First Blood and return them to his coven before The Deceiver acquires them.

Borrows heavily from the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop role-playing game [26] [27].

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PlayStation 3WiiXbox Survival horror game where players control Jonathan Harker and must track one or more vampires through the game's environments before engaging in small-scale combat with regenerating vampires. An online multiplayer game where players can play as vampires, werewolves, hunters, hybrids, and hybrid zombies. Infamous 2: Festival of Blood. A PlayStation Network downloadable game. This standalone spin-off of Infamous 2 sees the player character Cole MacGrath bitten by a vampire, he must defeat the head vampire before the end of the night. The series began with an action role-playing game starring the vampire Kain as the playable character.

Game GearMaster System. Platform game. Social must travel through London in order to face Dracula at the Thames river. Likened to Castlevania games. A video game set during World War Iwhich featured vampires, zombies, and demons at the same time.