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Ex Hentai I thought this site was dead first, when I saw that sad panda image.

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ExHentaialso known as SadPandais a hentai hosting site which stores one of the largest collections of hentai art on the internet. The site is a subsidiary of the more mainstream site E-Hentai and hosts collections of more controversial hentai genres such as lolicon and shotacon. In late Julyfollowing a hour warning period, the website was shut down by its owner due to legal fears but was brought in early August back after the servers were moved to another country. On March 27th,hentai hosting website E-Hentai banned hentai artworks containing drawn depictions of sexual acts with minors, bestiality, incest and several other genres.

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Unfortunately, Sad Panda is no more.

As of early Friday night, the hentai and doujin fan comic website had its servers shut down for good. Exhentai going down is potentially the greatest loss to culture since the burning of the library of Alexandria.

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is NOT a drill.

These suspicions were quickly confirmed by ExHentai owner and administrator Tenboro. Tenboro did not specify what legislative change directly incited the shutdown, but some are speculating that the legal consequences directly dealt with the subject matter of content hosted on ExHentai. Ramifications for 2D pornography of this nature have always been in the legal grey area, though some precedence through similar cases has been established.

Individuals have ly faced jail time and registration as sex offenders for being in possession of such material. Yet, that seems unlikely because the file size in question appears to stand at under 50 terabytes.

During its time, ExHentai received over 40 million visits and was ranked in terms of popularity for sites on a global scale, according to SimilarWeb metrics. Additionally, many users have pointed out that were it not for ExHentai, a huge library of non-pornographic art books would be completely lost to the annals of history.

Unfortunate to see a lot of people being willfully ignorant about what seems to be the inevitable demise of Sadpanda, thinking it's "only porn". There are almost as much on it that are very old and Comiket-exclusive artbooks that are you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

The disappearance of Sad Panda does provide an example of a weird phenomenon. The World Wide Web feels infinitely more streamlined than it did in the years prior. With the permeation of social media sites and how often they seem to function as portals for any other online content, the internet is beginning to feel both smaller and fleeting.

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