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Witch trainer book endings

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Witch Trainer as it was released originally back in the day.

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Pastebin API tools faq. up. Witch Trainer General Guide.

Witch trainer silver

Dec 18th, Not a member of Pastebin yet? Upit unlocks many cool features! Guide to Witch Trainer:. Explore the room and it'll turn to nightfall.

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Snape shows up to talk. Next day, you can start searching Dumbledore's cabinet. When you find receive potions from the cabinet, you'll get in a fight with Snape. For the fight, just defend whenever the magic circle appears or Snape starts his casting animation.

Witch trainer general guide

Attack whenever you aren't defending. Use potions when you get low.

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After the fight, you can hang out with Snape at night. Your daily schedule will now be rummage the cupboard, nap 'till nightfall. After a while, you and Snape can start hanging out at night. Do this every night until Eventually, Hermione shows up to talk. Continue to rummage the cupboard, nap, then hang with Snape. Eventually, the Ministry of Magic will send you a letter about sending reports.

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You can start writing reports to earn gold. It takes 7 chapters per report and you can submit a max of 6 reports for g per payday. Your new schedule will be search the cupboard, write a report in the morning, chill with Snape in the evening. You'll soon find Dahr's Catalogue in the cupboard to buy stuff. You can buy educational books to increase your report writing speed and book reading speed.

You can buy fiction books, but you can't really do much with it just yet. You can also buy gifts to give Hermione. Whenever you try to do something she is unwilling to, she will leave and get mad at you for a few days. This means she won't perform any favors; you can either wait it out or use gifts to calm her down. Continue to search the cupboard, write reports in the morning, hang with Snape at night.

Eventually, Hermione will ask you to tutor her. You can choose to tutor her, but Akabur is a lazy fuck so he didn't put in this tutoring mechanic.

Witch trainer general guide

If you choose to tutor her, she'll get mad you won't teach her. Either wait it out or use gifts to calm her down. I suggest waiting it out since you can't access favors yet. Keep doing what you've been doing.

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At some point, Hermione will ask you for a favor in exchange for points. This is your first "favor", you have 4 options to choose from. She agree to any of them, but only if you give an appropriate amount of points for the act; you can't really fail or make her mad here so choose whatever.

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You can only see this scene once so I suggest creating a savepoint here to see all of them. I recommend making her stand for 1 point, it keeps Gryffindor's points from catching up so quickly. From this point on, you can summon Hermione for favors during the day or night. She can perform public favors during the day, which severely lowers her reputation among the students in Hogwarts. Her reputation is what determines the ending, if I'm not wrong.

Complete walkthrough game - witch trainer (fanmod), part 1

Private favors lower her reputation, but have less of an effect than public ones. In the daytime, there are a few private favors that are not available at night. Obviously, you can't ask her to do anything extreme yet, she's not trained enough yet. She also won't accept certain gifts at the beginning either. You can see certain favors are locked. Remember there are fiction books? You need to read them to unlock more favors. These favors are also going to cost more points, so remember to keep hanging out with Snape so that Slytherin get more points. Hermione won't perform any favors if Gryffindor is ahead of Slytherin.

You'll get to the point where Hermione wants to host this ball. To end the game, you have to reach the point where you can buy her a dress for the ball.

Witch trainer silver

Once you buy the dress, you've reached the end. There is no time limit for the game.

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Then the 4th read you have to choose evenly between all 3 choices, It's 6 per category and the 5th and final time you read the book just fucking christmas tree that shit. The only CGs are the endings. Everything else is chibi. Don't bother to DL if all you want is CG sex scenes. If it is raining, start the fireplace and you can read 1 extra chapter for a book.

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Speed Reading for Experts gives a bigger chance. Read all of them to get 1 guaranteed extra chapter. By reading them all, you have a chance of writing 4 chapters in the right conditions 1 default, 1 guaranteed, 1 full moon, 1 random. Public Pastes.

Complete walkthrough game - witch trainer (fanmod), part 1

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