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Xrares com

Just when you think that you have seen it all, XRares turns up with some midget, amputee, and unbelievable extreme exhibitionist porn you never thought existed. Apparently, there are sex-loving housewives who don't mind being shared between their husband's friends, fine babes who get turned on by having sex in open places while others watch, and individuals who care less about what others think about them walking naked up and down in public.

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Years old: I am 44
Nationality: Greek
Sexual identity: Shy male
What I prefer to drink: Champagne
What is my favourite music: Country
Piercing: None

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However, when you really think about it, it really just indexes videos from around the web that fit these certain with made-up titles. X Rares was released latebut already has found a strong following. I think that even though the website has several issues, the niche is good enough that people are attracted to it. What kind of company wants their product associated with rape?

XRares may be about fake rape videos, but it really just tries to rape YOU with .

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In addition to the popups, pop-unders, and top and bottom banners, it also tries to hide its inside the rest of the content. Most glaring is that the top row of each video gallery will be ad links adjusted to look like a normal video. The general de of the website is simple but outdated. If websites were vape pens, this place is more like an old cigarette. On the other hand, the place is very straightforward and easy to navigate aside from the .

XRares focuses on videos, but it also has a big photo selection of over albums. Do you get it? Now that shit is fucked up, if it would be real?! Anyway, I hope that gives you a good idea of what this site is about.

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But on the other hand, the site does a good job of slowly floating relevant videos to the top. It just feels like some real shit in a world that feels more fake every day. A lot of the world is phonier than a pair of porn-star titties. XRares seems to do a decent job at this, as some of these videos looked and felt really authentic.

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The shitty cam and quality that a lot of these videos have actually make them feel more real. One might say the inner rapist in all of us can appreciate this to some extent. I also enjoy the photo album.

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Normally I could give a fuck about photos, but when it comes to humiliation and scandals, the photos can really tell a good story and feel very authentic. What I hate The fucking are ridiculous. It looks to me like XRares has a strong following and they have high potential to grow even more, but that kind of excessive and shameless ad-posting will probably hurt them in the long run. Again, I understand on porn sites but there is a line that should be drawn before it becomes a terrible thing.

These XRares motherfuckers make a running leap past that line. Now, we all know rape is illegal, and genuine rape and sexual assault videos would never be allowed on a website like this. Indeed, when you read their disclosures and shit you can really fucking tell they are repeating over and over that their shit is all legal and okay.

So this paradox of being a site of rare secret twisted ass rape shit vs. Show us your best Sexual Ass-aults Aside from reducing themy main suggestion would be to curate their content even more than they are now. Xrares com shit. And if the owners were half as diligent about their layout as they were about raping xrares com withthis place would take PornHub out in a week. Conclusion XRares often misspelled as "x porn" is a good attempt at making a site focused on the fake rape subgenre, but it suffers from greed, outdated programming, and shitty layout.

Thinking back, this site actually was very popular when it first came out, but viewership really died off since then. It does require you to suspend your disbelief a bit, because most of this content will be fake ass bullshit. Open XRares. XRares But you know. But seriously through, those fucking. Twisted Porn. Deep Gore Tube. Top Premium Porn Sites.

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